The cost for treatments against Hepatitis B,C and D, to be reduced.

The announcement was made in yaounde by the Minister Of public health, Manaouda Malachi. The reduction will be implemented in seven government hospitals on Cameroon. Namely;

  • the Yaounde University Hospital Center
  • The Yaounde General Hospital,
  • Douala General Hospital,
  • Douala LA Quintinie Hospital,
  • Ebolowa Regional Hospital,
  • Maroua Regional Hospital, and
  • Bafoussam Regional Hospital.

For people with hepatitis c which the drugs usually cost 150, 000Fcfa will drop to 100,000Fcfa. And treatments for hepatitis B and D which is 57,000Fcfa will drop to 50,000Fcfa.

Kye-Ossi Community Denounce Falsified Birth certificates

The Kye-Ossi community is very resentful after the discovery of false birth certificates made years ago, by an officer said to be competent in the district of Olamze.
Most children born in Kye-Ossi in the year 1990 to 2000 have been victims of a fraudulent act from an authority whom according to them was a worthy person.
Kye-Ossi is found in the South region of Cameroon. The boundary separating Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. At that time it was just a small village with no city council. As such the closest council was located at the Olamze subdivision.
The city of Olamze is 44 kms from Kye-Ossi. According to the inhabitants it seemed too far for some of them so they preferred to stop at Meyo-nkoulou, a small village before Olamze. Where lived the late chief of first order, Officer Ondo Messa Marcel. Of which conferring to the law, he had the authority to certify or sign documents.
According to parents of victims, these birth certificates were done for the sum of FCFA 10,000. “At that time it was very difficult for us since we had no city council in our area and Officer Ondo Messa was a high

authority and used to accomplish this particular task, we trusted him and confide our documents to him,” explained a parent.
Many years after, the birth certificate holders begin to face difficulties with the none possibility for them to write competitive entrance exams, obtain a job or even travel abroad because the authenticity of their birth certificates are not valid.
This is due to the fact that, the founders of their do not exist in the archives of the Olamze city council. Meaning that the officer never made the origins of their certificates.
The world Today got in touch with some of the victims. “I was asked to make a certified copy of the origin of my birth certificate but when I went to the Mayor’s office, they could not find it”. A statement made by so many youths whom at this moment have no identity.
Giving that officer Ondo Messa died many years back, there is no way to engage a lawsuit against him.
However, the Kye-Ossi council proposed that, the only solution for this situation is to get the power of attorney from a judge before a new and authentic birth certificate can be reproduced.

NW,SW Running Short of Young Men

by Fabiola Kemegni

The North West and South West regions are gradually running short of its young masculine population. A situation mostly attributed to the Anglophone crisis that began in 2016.
According to kindo Maxwell a native of the Northwest region, the men ratio in the Northwest and Southwest regions has subdue compared to the past years since most of them have joined secessionist groups.
“The men ratio has reduced compared to what it was, most of those who engage themselves in separatist groups are young boys aged between 13 to 25 years. It’s true that some are reluctant to join these groups but in some villages, boys are being forced to join separatist fighters” he explained.
To this effect, the National Commission on Human Right and Freedom NCHRF reported that, Anglophone separatists have been accused of using child soldiers to perform their rebellion against the Cameroon republic.
According to the NCHRF 2018 report, Anglophone separatists in the Southwest and Northwest Regions used children to combat government defense and security forces. In presenting the government humanitarian emergency action plan in July, 2018, former Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, stated that separatists were recruiting children into their ranks and forced them to fight after consuming drugs.
Consequently, a great number of boys who joined separatists groups in the two Anglophone regions are being killed by the Cameroon arm force on a daily bases.
However, some of these boys are reluctant to integrate these rebellious groups but they are forced to, at last they finally collaborate for fear of being killed or tortured.
Following the high rate of death registered in the Northwest and Southwest regions, most of dead bodies discovered were those of young men, whom arm forces suspected of being separatist fighters.
The Post got in touch with natives from Belo in the North West region, who preferred to keep his identity hidden. He affirmed that, the absence of these young boys is attributed to the high rate of killing that has been registered in the past three years.
“Many of our boys have been victims of this crisis because they were killed by the Cameron army who believed they where secessionists, others tried to flee for their lives for fear of being killed or arrested and tortured”
He continued by saying that “since the beginning of the crisis some parents are still wondering where their sons are. While many of them are still detained in the Yaounde Central Prison for having taken part in a riot in the University of Buea.”